PORCHFEST 2017 Celebrate the Arts in Mt Morris, IL

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Community • Music •  Art
Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Music •  Art

June 10
th, 2017

2017 Registration is Closed

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I Have a Porch (and want to host some music!)

Contribute to the venues that will bring Porchfest to life! And when we say porch, we're not exactly literalists here. Porches are great, of course, but so are stoops or yards or driveways. Anything allowing for a street-facing performance pretty much fits the bill.

For scheduling flexibility, registrants are asked to be open to any hour between 1 and 5pm for the performance time and an hour before hand for musician setup, though our goal remains just one performance per porch. So you’re just committing to one performer. The rest of the afternoon is your time to roam and enjoy the other music venues.

Please try to sign up your Porch by May 19

Hosts agree to: 
• Generosity, hospitality, and good will.
• Confirming you live within the festival boundaries (see boundaries and map below).
• Assisting musicians/bands with setup.
• Remaining available for the duration of your slot, keeping the performance to its assigned time, and otherwise serving as the person in charge.
• Notifying your neighbors of your participation in the event.
• Putting out a trash can and recycle bin for your guests.
• Getting the word out to everyone you know to drop by.


North - Main Street
South - Brayton Road
West - Mulberry Avenue
East - Ogle Avenue
Residential locations include any area within these bounds, and either side of a boundary street.

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Host a musician or band on your Mt Morris porch — one you know or we’ll match you up.

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I Have a Band (or otherwise want to play!)

Musicians welcome! Solo or ensemble. The more genres the better. So long as you can perform acoustically or at a considerate, compatible volume suited to your host location, the stage is yours.

Performers agree to: 
• Generosity and good will in the form of a freely given, one-hour performance. 
• Connecting with your porch host in short order after receiving your assignment (assignments expected mid-May).
• Coordinating with your porch host about the logistics of your performance (i.e. space needed, equipment, electricity needs, etc.).
• Performing only during your assigned time. 
• Playing at a sound level respectful to the neighbors and/or other performers nearby. Acoustic levels always work but common sense consideration ultimately triumphs. Think of your venue as the space between the house and the curb and adjust for that.
• Getting the word out to everyone you know to drop by.


Solo or ensemble, any and all genres are welcome to play. All you need is a desire to perform and have fun.

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I Want to Help

So here’s the thing:
From an organizational standpoint, we’re thinking there are not that many assignments to be made, because we're really hoping not all that much needs to get done the day of Porchfest. Ensuring everything runs smoothly during the event is something that, in practice, gets collectively managed in real time by the neighborhood itself. And those looking to provide food or get artsy are encouraged to simply do those things on their own.
There will be one task that needs volunteers. This would involve setting up and removing signs the day of the event and helping out when needed.
Want to help?
With a good number of block captains, it should be a quick and easy job per person — likely a couple of streets each. Prior to the event you’ll pick up your signs and get a map of where they go. Then simply put them out before noon on Porchfest day and gather them back up after.


In advance or day of, this can’t happen without a little help from our friends.

Volunteers Welcome!

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Selling Food at Porchfest

Are you a nonprofit? An enterprising resident? A saintly steward of your club or organization? A shameless capitalist? Do you want to sell food at Porchfest to raise or make money? We welcome your initiative.
Because Porchfest is grassroots and not operated like a conventional festival, we don’t have any sort of formal vending program, food court, or orchestrated opportunities for people to sell things. Our only real job is coordinating performances and generating a big crowd. But if that crowd is something you want to take advantage of, we encourage you to have at it. Here’s how:
Find a driveway or comparable, privately owned spot within the festival area where you'd like to set up and operate. If it's your house, great. Or, reach out to a neighbor or other Mt. Morris resident and get permission to use theirs. Whatever you want to do, it's all the same to us.
Respect the homeowner:
You’re open to sell food during the Porchfest hours of 1–5pm with a little ‘Wiggle Room’, a half hour or so on either end.
Clean up everything, no food, wrappers, napkins or other stuff should be left for the home owner to deal with.

Once you've got your location lined up, contact us and let us know:
1. Where you'll be
2. What you'll be selling
We'll then add your information to the festival map so everyone knows what you've got and where to find you.
At some point in the future we'll issue a deadline for letting us know. Until then, be thinking about what you might want to cook up and drop us a note if you have any questions.


Nonprofits, clubs, organizations, enterprising youngsters,
or unrepentent capitalisits: 
If you want to sell food at Porchfest, here's how.

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What is Encore! Mt. Morris?

Volunteers committed to developing Mt. Morris, IL into a unique, thriving rural and cultural arts destination in northwest Illinois. Encore! Mt. Morris is an initiative of Mt. Morris Economic Development Corp. and has the full cooperation and support of the Mt. Morris Village Board.

  • Build on existing strengths in local arts and artisans
  • Transform the historic campus buildings and other uptown properties into centers for visual, performing and culinary arts
  • Attract other small business such as lodging, cafes, fine dining, specialty shops and galleries
  • Work with related groups, private instructors, artists, and regional academic institutions to incorporate educational opportunities
  • Strengthen tourism and infrastructure; create a robust business district that supports the arts activities


ENCORE! is an initiative of Mt. Morris Economic Development Corp. The vision is to create a destination community through the arts.

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